(Belated) Week 8: Images and Them Movin’ Pictures

I had initially thought that I had uploaded this post almost two weeks ago, but apparently I either forgot to finalize it or forgot completely!

In any case, the reading/viewing materials for Week 8 were short and sweet, discussing Imageplot and its uses along with audio-visual tools and techniques (dare I say that a picture is worth a thousand words?). While completely unrelated to my own priorities in terms of my project, I find Imageplot to be one of the more interesting tools to which we have been exposed in this course. The ability to map individual frames of a film over time allows for some really interesting analysis, especially for those interesting in cinematography, as one could track subtle changes in lighting, character placement/attire, or even facial expressions in ways that allow for a nuanced reading of the director’s/actor’s intentions. I imagine that running a movie (even those embarrassing home videos) would really allow you to see them in an entirely new light!

I also found that all of the technical aspects of the audio recording reading were helpful, if a bit dry. Having been around musicians my entire life, I had thought myself a bit more knowledgeable of the equipment necessary to record audio, but Doug Boyd’s articles definitely clarified plenty! Additionally, I found the actual proces of recording and shaping audio fascinating although I confess I was quickly lost amidst the sea of technical terminology Boyd throws at the reader. Informative nonetheless!

Lastly, in terms of my progress on my own project, I really took to heart the debate expressed by our speaker regarding mapping and the ethics inherent in choosing your tools. After some deliberation, I felt that I wanted to go with the non-Google/corporate route and explore several of the other options he listed for most, if not all, dimensions of my project. However, his talk also illustrated to me how much more complex my project would be than my initial assumptions, so I took the remainder of the week and a good bit of spring break to peruse the optional readings provided for Week 7 and familiarize myself with some of the tools that Ethan showed us. I have also started collecting sources and hopefully will have enough to jump right in plotting my data in the near future. I was unsure how much “fun” this project would be after looking through some of the more technical aspects of the process, but as it stands, I’m definitely enjoying myself!



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